NSW Shoalhaven River Trip, Morton National Park - Alan Dodds Photography

A 1978 trip down the Shoalhaven River in NSW using rubber ducks

This is a pictorial story of a 1978 trip down part of the Shoalhaven River in the Morton National Park in NSW.

Chris and I planned to take this trip with friends Ciaran and Cora. We had visited the Morton NP on a number of occasions and had seen the bits you can see from various lookouts. Way below the river looked fine and navigable and we were excited about the prospect of floating down the river to Nowra where it enters the ocean. We thought that two weeks or so would do the trick and planned accordingly.

Getting our gear to the river was the only tricky bit but we located a river crossing further up the river not really considering that the river might not all be like the river we had seen from the lookout.

Later we found out that the stretch we were entering was classified by those who knew as unnavigable.

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