India 1975 - Kashir, Manali, Jaipur, Ajanta, Goa, Belur, Kajuraho and Corbet NP

India 1975

This is a pictorial story of our second overland trip from London to India and Nepal and on through South East Asia to Australia.

Starting with unnerving drive through the mountains to the houseboats of Dahl Lake in Kashmir. On we go to Manali and then to Simla before the present day (2018) crowds have descended.

Southwards to Delhi and the atrocious roads of Rajistan to Jaipur the pink city. From the Buddhist caves in Ajanta, we go on sample the delights of camping on the beach in Goa when it was a totally hippy domain. Then east and north to Mysore and the erotic carvings of Kajuraho in Madhya Pradesh. Onwards further north to Corbet National Park to walk with the elephants before once again trekking in Nepal.

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