Greece and Turkey 1973 - Meteora, Delphi, Athens and Thessaloniki

Greece and Turkey 1973

This is part of a pictorial story of a trip from London to Nepal in 1973. At this point we have just driven down the Adriatic coast through the then Yugoslavia. We couldn't travel through Albania so have to take a loop through Macedonia to get down to Greece.

Once in Greece we head initially for the monastery complex at Meteora, then down to Athens via Delphi before making for the peninsula of Sithonia to camp on the beach for a while. This is a present to ourselves for getting this far. We are still in Europe, but not for long.

We have been on the road for around six weeks at this point and it feels really strange when we turn right to Istanbul instead of returning home to the UK. After a while in Istanbul we cross the Bosphorus and head towards Samsun on the Black Sea coast. The adventure has really begun! On through Trabzon before turning inland to Erzurum and then to the border with Iran. Both the landscape and the distances take on a whole new dimension! For the first time official campgrounds are few and far between - what a time to learn how to free camp.

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